our photos homebrew beer 26-10-16

I decided it was time to brew some more beer the date is 26-10-16. A simple all grain brew which I can recommend trying to anyone who likes drinking good beer.

a close up of the yeast in the beer

Check out those yeast flakes! This is 2 days after pitching the yeast (Nottingham ale yeast) by the way. It went totally manic! It has all settled down now and looking like it will be ready for bottling next week. I will post some more pictures. Cheers as they say. :0)

yellow flower

Lovely yellow flowers in my garden!

small apples

Small but sweet! Hopefully next year I will have a better crop as I have put the trees in the ground, not tubs..we will see.

a wet leaf

It has been raining here today in Bristol. Hopefully sunshine tomorrow!

a special beach

Pleased to be back out there, here is a special beach I found while kayaking on the South Devon coast..utterly beautiful.

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